Measure Map 1.2: Immeasurable Possibilities of Universal Roulette for iPhone

Measure Map 1.2: Immeasurable Possibilities of Universal Roulette for iPhone

Popular wisdom says: “You cannot embrace the immensity!” However, it is quite possible to measure a part of this very 'immense' with the help of an ordinary tape measure, functional, although not very convenient. But the age of technology offers to solve this problem too. Down with fingers cut on sharp edges and restriction of divisions on ordinary roulette! Meet the new virtual measuring device – Measure Map! To install it, you need your iPhone and $ 1.99. Read on for the many features of the new version 1.2 of the application.

Whether you are an architect, an amateur geographer, a construction worker, or just a bog of home renovation, Measure Map 1.2 will help you measure any area with the accuracy of the most picky neat. A little utility developed by Victor Alonso really works wonders when it comes to calculating and measuring anything and everything:

Measure Map 1.2: Immeasurable Possibilities of Universal Roulette for iPhone

– compatible with iOS 4.0, that is, with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 4, the app measures distances, perimeters and areas with laser accuracy, taking into account natural bends of the surface of the globe. Moreover, both large (up to several thousand kilometers) and small (several meters) routes and spaces are calculated equally quickly and accurately.

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– simplicity and ease of use: 'aim' with your phone at a specific point, mark it, then do the same action in any direction, 'pinning' another point in space with a virtual pin. And measure the resulting segment for health in millimeters, centimeters, inches, yards, meters, square miles, hectares and kilometers (for a complete list of available computing units, check out the iTunes website).

– all obtained measurements can be easily sent by e-mail or through iTunes to friends.

– a distinctive feature is the ability to choose a path, route and distance in any region using the famous web application Google Maps (in several viewing modes – Map, Satellite or Hybrid).

The possibilities of spatial dimensions in this way can already be counted in the millions. And every user, regardless of the type of activity, will find himself what to measure, the main thing is that there will always be a convenient virtual Measure Map at hand, which is easy and quick to use.

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