MediaSend – Email Upgrade Application

MediaSend - Email Upgrade Application

Sometimes it is just vital to send a friend by e-mail not only a letter with text, but also attach several photos or videos. Unfortunately, even the most famous mail servers are rather slow when it comes to adding 'heavy' content to the letter – high resolution photo, video or audio files. What to do in this case? Use the convenient MediaSend application for iPhone.

Now, using the prompts in the program interface, you can upload both photos and videos to your e-mail at the same time, and there will be no need to open 'native' applications for this iPhone. All media files stored on the phone are available through the MediaSend interface.

MediaSend - Email Upgrade Application

In addition to multi-upload, the following options are available in MediaSend:

– GPS support. That is, you can attach your location to your letter so that people close to you know exactly where you are. A very handy feature for those who travel frequently.

– quick connection to the photo gallery, as well as the ability to add pictures stored in the Camera Roll.

– through the program interface, you can connect to the built-in camera, take a couple of photos or shoot a video and immediately send this material to your friends by email.

– connection to the service Google Maps to determine your exact location.

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– there is no need to create a new mailbox to use the program. Integration of your old accounts on different mail services is supported, including Google and Yahoo.

– sending the same letter to several recipients at once.

– you can also enable file compression to reduce their size.

– Support for downloading files in high resolution, including HD for Retina displays.

MediaSend - Email Upgrade Application

Если вы являетесь обладателем американской сим-карты одного из ведущих провайдеров сотовой связи AT&T, Sprint, TMobile или Verizon, вы также сможете через MediaSend отправлять друзьям бесплатные ММС. Largely due to this feature, the app is so popular in the US.

Developer: Code Shim Software

Current version: 1.3

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.2.

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