Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred! [Free]

Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred!  [Free] Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred!  [Free] Do you believe dragons can be cute and funny? Ребята из команды Human G&N представляют нашему вниманию именно таких дракошек в своей новой игре Mega DragonRun. Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred!  [Free] We bring to our attention a touching story about how the villains grabbed the dragon mother, put her in a cage, and left the little dragons to their fate. And the kids have no choice but to save their dear mother, until the evil cave people did nothing wrong with her. Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred!  [Free] Well, to rescue mom from captivity, we need to run towards dangers and difficulties. As you may have guessed, the toy belongs to the 'runner' family. As we progress through the level, we need to jump, and in some cases even fly, breathe fire and thereby deal with enemies, and, of course, collect coins. Gameplay is controlled by pressing buttons at the bottom of the screen. The toy is somewhat reminiscent of the sensational Jetpack. Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred!  [Free] A rather large assortment of domestic purchases also attracts attention. And I must admit that the store is really built to last. We can change the main character to a nicer one, and buy superpower, acceleration, and whatever our heart desires, there would be coins. Mega Dragon Run: Mom is sacred!  [Free] The designers did a great job, the game is bright and 'tasty' at first glance, the only drawback is, perhaps, a large number of small details, which makes it difficult to focus on one object. But that doesn't spoil the overall gaming experience. And another tangible advantage of DragonRun is that the player is given a choice: play a quick game, or play with a friend. Overall, the toy is good, and fans of games like Monster Dash won't be disappointed. Mega DragonRun is not super hard. A successful combination of bright attractive design and the popular arcade genre.

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