Metal Detector – metal detector from iPhone, is it real? [Free]

Metal Detector - metal detector from iPhone, is it real?  [Free] With the advent of additional sensors in modern smartphones (fingerprint scanner, gyroscope, compass), they can be used not only for their intended purpose, but also in everyday life, you only need the appropriate software. We have already talked about attempts to turn iPhone into a wiring detector. Today we will look at another application that uses the magnetic field sensor in iPhone to detect metal objects – Metal Detector. Metal Detector - metal detector from iPhone, is it real?  [Free] We have already briefly talked about metal detectors from iPhone, let's face it – such applications work very crookedly, or they do not work at all. In the case of Metal Detector, the situation is almost identical. This application is intended to turn iPhone into a metal detector, but, as practice has shown, it cannot cope with the tasks declared by the developer even by 10%. I tried to identify with the help of iPhone various metal objects (a bunch of steel keys, the aluminum case of my MacBook Pro, a coin), not only am I not happy with the results, there are none at all. Metal Detector did not react in any way when approaching metal objects. Changing the sensitivity to the maximum level did not help either. Sometimes the pointer went off scale when placed vertically iPhone in the air, while there were no metal objects nearby. Metal Detector - metal detector from iPhone, is it real?  [Free] There are no settings in the application, no history and generally no interface elements except for the sensitivity regulator and the arrow pointer. It is immediately clear that the developer himself did not believe that the Metal Detector really works and will help turn iPhone into a truly working metal detector. In App Store the app is available for free, but after launch, pop-ups with embedded ads will periodically appear. One banner constantly hangs at the bottom of the screen and whether you like it or not, even if you don't click on the ad, it will still tickle your nerves. My verdict – Metal Detector does not work and was created only for monetization.

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