MetalStorm: Aces – Modern Air Combat [Free]

MetalStorm: Aces - Modern Air Combat [Free] The game MetalStorm: Aces was recently translated into Russian, in my opinion, this is one of the most popular free flying games in the AppStore. The graphics are good, albeit without any subtleties. The application works only with the Internet, and the first launch will start downloading the game components. In the beginning, we will be asked to log in, or create an account, it will not take much time, and after that you will not have to enter your password every time. As often happens, training begins: a couple of flight lessons, buying an iron bird, upgrading it, and in the first battle! MetalStorm: Aces - Modern Air Combat [Free] There are three game modes, aces company, survival and one-on-one. The first will feature 15 companies, each of which is traversed sequentially. They have several missions on which you need to earn stars, they are given for time, downed enemy aircraft, etc. At the end of each campaign, a boss fight, after passing it, the next enemy opens. In survival mode, wave after wave will begin an attack, each enemy will be more serious and difficult, the game will end if you get knocked down or you repel all 20 attacks. And the third mode, one on one. There is a struggle with real pilots. The enemy is picked up either with friends from Game Center, or randomly from the network, basically the same level as you. MetalStorm: Aces - Modern Air Combat [Free] Good weapons help victories, and there are three of its criteria: damage, target tracking and the degree of heating for machine guns, and for rockets only the latter differs, here it is replaced by the speed of the rocket. Native trunks and cigars are endless, but in order to win easier, you will have to get blunt with new equipment, unfortunately it is not endless, and after it runs out you need to buy it or return to your family. As for the fighter, it needs to be modernized. Machine guns, missiles, target lock, engine and armor are what needs improvement. This is paid for with nuts, which are obtained in battles. Each pilot has his own level, and the more the better. In fact, the game is really good, it is similar to Sky Gamblers, only it is downloaded for free.

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