MetaTrader 4 for iPhone – trader's mobile terminal

MetaTrader 4 for iPhone - trader's mobile terminal MetaQuotes Software Corp. released a mobile version of the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 for devices under control iOS. This means that from today on, the most powerful software for online trading becomes available to all users iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is quite simple to choose a broker suitable for trading: at the moment MetaTrader 4 for iOS supports more than 350 companies, and this is not a final list of them. The new mobile platform MetaTrader 4 for iPhone is able to impress a trader of any skill level, surprising with its wide capabilities. Full-featured Forex trading, a combat-ready arsenal of the most essential technical analysis tools (30 technical indicators) and ease of use in daily activities – all this is MetaTrader 4 for iPhone. “Trading online anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere – this is the level of mobility that MetaTrader 4 makes available for iPhone,” says COO Guys Kreis. “Our users have long been waiting for the release of the mobile version of the program specifically for iOS – and we tried to provide them with a high-quality tool for comfortable Forex trading, which will become an irreplaceable assistant in their business.” MetaTrader 4 for iPhone - trader's mobile terminal MetaTrader 4 for iPhone - trader's mobile terminal Previously, the company has already released mobile versions of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform: designed for working with the MetaTrader 4 Mobile PDA and designed for smartphones, MetaTrader 4 Mobile Smartphone Edition. Both programs written for the OS Windows Pocket PC and Windows Mobile gained popularity and were sold in large numbers in their time. However, at the moment these operating systems have lost their relevance, and the company decided to implement support in MetaTrader 4 for the leading mobile platforms of our time: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. MetaTrader 4 for iPhone is the first step on this path. Install from AppStore

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