Meteo360 Augmented Weather Reality 1.0.1: Track GPS Weather

Meteo360 Augmented Weather Reality 1.0.1: Track GPS Weather

Developers of applications for the IPhone and iPad from XIA Projects know firsthand where the 'wind blows' from, otherwise how to explain the secret of the popularity of a handy utility a la 'pocket meteorologist' of their authorship? Weather forecasts, of course, can be trusted or not. However, one cannot take away the fact that the application for such a forecast right at hand, in your iPhone, will not be superfluous. Why is Meteo 360 Augmented Weather better than other similar programs in its updated version 1.0.1?

Very, very many. Namely, it is good for its multifunctionality:

1) The previous version boasted an extensive map of cities, whose residents could find out the weather by simply lifting the phone and pointing it at the sky (which is also a feature of this particular application). In the new version, almost all cities in the world have been added to the map. The developers emphasize this fact and are very proud of it. You will be able to personally verify this after an easy installation of the application on your iPhone.

2) Despite the fact that the application is so easy to use, there is a manual for 'dummies', explaining the main features and showing how to use the weather map within Meteo Augmented Weather 1.0.1.

3) With the help of GPS, any user can find out the weather forecast in his city. Moreover, the application can automatically determine your location by providing a weather report for this location and the 50-kilometer zone around it. Agree, it's very convenient, especially if a person spends a lot of time on the road.

4) The program supports such Apple devices as iPhone, iPad, iPhone 3G, without causing any special problems with configuring for each of the listed devices. The app works great with 2G, 3G and iPod Touch.

4) There is a 'Mobile Compass' function.

5) And, finally, the most interesting, in our opinion, innovation – the addition of 3 modes for working with the application:

– “flat” mode allows you to find out exactly where you are on the virtual map in a horizontal position iPhone, see the weather forecast within a radius of 15 to 50 km from your location and use a mobile compass.

– in “sky” mode, you can check the current weather forecast using GPS.

– in the vertical position of the phone, when lifting it, the “360 °” mode is activated. This is, in fact, real time. The user simply spins the phone in any direction. <By the way, learning about the state of the weather at the moment in the place where he is, up to the 15-kilometer radius that surrounds him. Using the icons in the right corner, you can select the desired radius – 15, 30 or 60 kilometers.

Whatever one may say, this is a great application for a wide range of users. Moreover, the price does not 'bite' at all – according to the iTunes price list, Meteo 360 Augmented Weather 1.0.1. priced at just $ 3.99.

Install from AppStore: Meteo360

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