MewSeek – music sharing for iPhone.

MewSeek - music sharing for iPhone. The reworking of this program for new firmware was delayed. But yesterday she still appeared in Cydia. MewSeek aka iSlsk in the past is so far the only P2P client program for the iphone. The exchange network itself was created quite a long time ago in 2001 and, at the moment, is a serious network for the exchange of music, moreover, mostly non-pop music. What changed. First, there is now a cat instead of a bird icon. The second is more important – the downloaded files are not imported into the standard player, you need to install PwnPlayer to listen to them. The program is still being finalized, I hope the problem with the iTunes library will be solved soon. Otherwise, nothing has changed. Files can be downloaded in the background. After installing the program, you need to register. Registration is conditional, in the Usermane, Password field, enter the desired username and password. The downloaded files can be found in the / var / mobile / Media / Downloads folder The program is installed from Cydia MewSeek - music sharing for iPhone.MewSeek - music sharing for iPhone.MewSeek - music sharing for iPhone.

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