Mini Tanks 3D – trash in the TOP

Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP How did this tank simulator Mini Tanks 3D even get into the TOP App Store for me a mystery of a universal scale. This hastily made game requires a lot of work. Only real reviews and a refund for the purchase can stop the disgrace … Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP Mini Tanks 3D was conceived as a 3D tank simulator from the Second World War. At the start, you are credited with money for the purchase of armored vehicles, not much at all. You can buy for them the simplest German, Russian or American combat vehicle. Then choose the battlefield, it can be: Stalingrad, Caucasus or Berlin. Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP Then the question arises: What to do? There is no briefing in Mini Tanks 3D, there is not even a hint of game goals. Okay, turn on your imagination and start moving. The controls in the game work by themselves, with the left button you control the direction of movement, you shoot with the right button (although there is a button), turn the tower and raise or lower the barrel. The tank is driving at all incomprehensibly, the camera turns as it wants, the tower lives its own life and only occasionally it is possible to catch yourself thinking that you can change something. Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP With grief, we got to the first goal, the first 4×4 fight. Enemy armored vehicles appeared on the horizon. To aim, you need to make so much effort and spend so much nerves that in 5 minutes I would throw and start playing again 3 times. The tower turns very slowly, the direction of the projectile's flight cannot be tracked, it is not clear where you fired, and even more so whether you hit the target. The whole fight boils down to the fact that you shoot at random in all directions in the hope of hitting the enemy. Don't even think about aiming, take care of your nerves. Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP If we talk about visual design and music, it is worth starting with the fact that the developers did not even bother to introduce themselves and show at least some picture when loading the game – instead, a stupidly black screen. It's not clear if the game is loading or your device is frozen. A few seconds of waiting and you find yourself on the only screen where you buy equipment and choose a battlefield. No settings menu, no music, just interface sounds. Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP How money is made in the game, I could not find out, the hour spent in the game and 2 knocked down opponents led me to a dead end, I just did not know what to do next. Mini Tanks 3D - trash in the TOP I was very surprised when I 'checked out' the rating of the game on the description page at App Store. Can you imagine almost 4 stars, how? For this? I was even more surprised that the game is not free and costs money, though not at all large, only 15 rubles, but still. Do I Recommend Mini Tanks 3D? Never! Pass by or leave real reviews in App Store so that developers think before buying ratings and mythical reviews.

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