Mirror – light my mirror, tell me … [Free]

Mirror - light my mirror, tell me ... [Free] Mirror - light my mirror, tell me ... [Free] I don't know about you, but I often take out my phone to look at my reflections, if there is no mirror at hand. Especially for the fair half, there is the Mirror application, which kindly provides App Store absolutely free. Mirror does not represent anything supernatural – it is an ordinary application, the main purpose of which is to show the user his reflection. The program uses a front camera to accomplish the above task. And, judging by it, you can do without the application, since the developers did not offer us anything new. By and large, we are offered to install a new variation of an existing function. The question arises, what is the point? And he, apparently, is not just to turn on the camera, on which you can accidentally take not the most successful picture, but to look at yourself without harm to self-esteem, so to speak. Mirror - light my mirror, tell me ... [Free] Mirror has two (!!!) functions: “flip vertically” and “flip horizontally”. That is, you can turn on a regular camera and / or make a specular (if not paradoxical) reflection. You can also zoom in or out using the slider below. This will help you get a closer look at the area of ​​interest. The application, as noted earlier, is aimed at the fair sex. Apparently for this reason, the developers have simplified Mirror to impossible. And the design was not complicated – the settings menu on a pink background with buttons decorated with hearts. Mirror - light my mirror, tell me ... [Free] Basically, that's all the features of the Mirror app. Although no, you can still send the application by mail to a friend and look into the store, where we are promised “more cool apps”. In general, an application for iPhone is both useful and at the same time absolutely useless. If you don't have a mirror at hand, but you have the Mirror app on your phone, you can always see your reflection. In addition, due to the low resolution of the front camera, you will not see minor flaws, which means your self-confidence, and therefore, your mood will only grow!

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