Mittens – the adventures of the March cat

Mittens - the adventures of the March cat Good day, friends! I present to your attention a game called Mittens, another creation of the world famous Disney studio! Do you love cats, and everything connected with it? Then this game will not leave you indifferent! Mittens is destined to be popular. Lovers of Where is my water / perry ?, and is recommended to everyone else. Mittens - the adventures of the March cat When we launch the program on the iphone, we are greeted by a simple cartoon in which we are told about the cat that has this March, and he can do absolutely nothing with it. But one day, walking on the roofs and receiving scolding from everyone, as usual, he met a cat, and so that they could succeed, she asked him to get her milk. “No problem”, – said the cat and went in search of the coveted bottle of milk. Mittens - the adventures of the March cat The gameplay is quite interesting and varied, sometimes even too varied – we are offered to cut the sheds on which the cat stands, so that the latter can slide off them and either jump off the rope, or fly through a bird or a stream of water. In the process, we are also asked to protect the cat about all kinds of problems on its way. The problems are mainly angry old people who strive to bang the main character over the head with a frying pan. Mittens - the adventures of the March cat The game is replete with excellent colors in particular and design in general, even the performance does not disappoint! The game has several boxes with levels and one with a slightly different meaning and plot, which we are offered to buy (by analogy with Where is my water?). The levels are just as bright and varied, it is never boring to play, but on the contrary, it is cool and interesting. Mittens - the adventures of the March cat Disadvantages? In my opinion, too much variety is offered to us. Usually, three pieces are placed on one box with levels of “chips”, but here there are many more of them, and everything is in one level, and therefore, it happens that the player can get lost, since he has not filled his hand with the basic elements. Mittens - the adventures of the March cat All in all, Mittens is another great Disney game that will have tons of fans. Good luck!

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