Mmm Fingers: “Lick your fingers” [Free]

Mmm Fingers: "Lick your fingers" [Free] Mmm Fingers is a fast-paced and very juicy reflex workout from Noodlecake Studios to almost a full 5 stars. Worthy competitor to the regulars of the TOP App Store like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. Arcade from Noodlecake Studios turned out to be what you need: simple, colorful, musical and, most importantly, it's all free (not without flaws). Mmm Fingers: "Lick your fingers" [Free] The goal of the game is as simple as possible: you need to tap your finger on the screen iPhone or iPad (the game is universal) and, without taking it away with any available movements, lead through a lot of various obstacles in the form of bloodthirsty creatures strewn with deadly needles, various rotating and moving obstacles. Any, even the smallest, contact with an obstacle promises an instant gamer without the ability to continue from the previous position. Thus, you have no margin for error. Mmm Fingers: "Lick your fingers" [Free] Behind the apparent simplicity lies a rather serious challenge, not only for the fingers, but also for the head: you need to think quickly, while you will have to move your finger even faster. The gameplay is wrapped in a colorful shell, the colors of the interface are juicy and bright, the music is on the level. Background music is stimulating, making you move and think even more intensely. Mmm Fingers: "Lick your fingers" [Free] In App Store Mmm Fingers is distributed free of charge, but as I said, it was not without monetization. We'll have to put up with intrusive ads and useless popunders. Mmm Fingers: "Lick your fingers" [Free] If you are already tired of the 'old' TOP-arcade games and want to spend your free time with the benefit of your head and fingers, Mmm Fingers is the right choice. Hold the device securely while playing, there is always a risk of dropping it.

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