Monster Mind – Monster Puzzle [FREE]

Monster Mind - Monster Puzzle [FREE] Monster Mind is a simple but original game, but at the same time it can be called a puzzle. The whole point of the game is to guess the sequence in which the monsters are standing. In this case, the game will tell you how close you are to the truth. Monster Mind - Monster Puzzle [FREE] Monster Mind - Monster Puzzle [FREE] The game has several levels: funny, exciting, sinister, creepy, nightmarish and monstrous. As you understand, the scary the name, the more difficult the level, so if in a funny level it is necessary to guess the location of two monsters out of three, then in a nightmare level it is already 5 out of 8. And of course, the number of possible combinations with each level is more and more. Monster Mind - Monster Puzzle [FREE] Monster Mind - Monster Puzzle [FREE] In case you do not quite understand what needs to be done in the game, you can always read the rules and see how to play the “rules” in the main menu. There is also an opportunity to earn achievements that are individual for each level. Perhaps, it is also worth noting the design of the game, which is very pleasant, beautiful and funny, despite such a satisfying name of the game 🙂 Sound effects also make you smile. Monster Mind - Monster Puzzle [FREE] The controls in the game are very simple and even primitive. You need to either click on the buttons with the appropriate command, or just drag the monsters to their intended places with your finger. The game leaves a good impression, it is easy, interesting, and most importantly, nice to play to cheer up while you have free time.

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