Monsters, Inc. Escape

Monsters, Inc. Escape Monsters, Inc., this cartoon is known to many. And in App Store there are a couple of games about monsters producing baby screams. Monsters Inc. Escape is a game in the style of pre-iPhone adventure games such as Shrek or XII. In the game we will control a small green kolobok and a big blue goblin. But if you don't like these characters, then in the store you can buy another team, but first you need to earn “bucks” for it, this is the internal unit of money in this application for iPhone. Monsters, Inc. Escape Our task is to run through the levels. There are several companies in the application, and there is also an endless mode, in which the main goal is to break your record, everything that is collected in the game, including coins, goes not to the wallet, but to points. Monsters, Inc. Escape During the game, by pressing the screen, the character jumps, if you press longer, then the jump will be greater. During the movement, bonuses will fall (there are about 28 of them here) and coins, for example: a double jump, a pneumorant, a trampoline, what turns you into a stronger monster, what makes other characters a jelly that you can jump on, etc. Monsters, Inc. Escape On the way, there are other monsters, red and yellow. They do one job, throw you down one level, but only red moves, and yellow stands. If you jump on a monster, then you will be given points, and if you crash, he will fly down, if you are at the lowest level, then this is death for you. In order to die, it is enough to fall into the abyss, this can happen when you jump unsuccessfully. Monsters, Inc. Escape You can buy additional bonuses in the store. Monsters, Inc. Escape The game is fun, and it has several companies from the second part of the cartoon.

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