Mood O'CLOCK – emotional alarm clock [promotional codes]

mood O'CLOCK - emotional alarm clock [promotional codes] Alarm clock is one of those iphone programs that I use regularly, at least once a day. The first thing I hear in the morning is the melody “Marimba”. And to be honest, this is the most hated music. In an attempt to somehow brighten the new day, I tried to find suitable ringtones. But they got bored even faster. I can't even imagine what can cause positive emotions on Monday morning, after a birthday on the eve. But this program gives hope … mood O'CLOCK - emotional alarm clock [promotional codes] mood O'CLOCK works like an alarm clock, but plays random songs from its own Internet radio as a ringtone. Moreover, in the settings, you can set one of 10 options for emotionality. You can choose a melody cheerfully, or vice versa, calm and slow. At the moment H, the program downloads a sound file from the Internet and pleases you with a new song. If you want to get a promo code for free installation of the program, write in the comments. The codes will be shared with the first two registered readers. Price: $ 0.99 Install from AppStore: mood O'CLOCK

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