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For a long time I have not come across interesting applications that deserve attention, because we have all already seen a lot and there is little that can surprise us. Moreover, for a very long time nothing interesting came out in App Store.

Surely the service that I will describe below is familiar to many readers, but there will also be those for whom it will be a discovery. For me personally, this discovery came only last year.

Whenever possible, I like to travel and visit different unknown places. Starting from untouched central districts of Moscow, its streets and attractions. We try to travel with friends to the Moscow suburbs, in search of something unusual, in currently functioning estates or so-called abandoned houses.

Most detailed maps - Wikimapia

In order to find similar places on the map and explore them, there is a portal

And here we can say with complete confidence that these are the most detailed maps that I have seen. Exploring a certain area, you can see and read what kind of building is there, stories with comments on a separate structure or natural object, photographs of the building and the surrounding area. For those who are interested, go to the site and study. I read a lot of new things about my area and individual places directly in these maps, and moreover, I found places that I did not even know about.

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In my opinion, this is what Yandex 'people's cards' should be, but due to censorship they simply cannot physically be such.

Wikimapia Maps is a completely folk project (volunteer) and is based on the activities of the users themselves. We ourselves can add new places and descriptions to a new place on the map or object.

From personal experience, I will say that I have not come across places that do not correspond to what was stated on the maps. Moreover, I want to say that when you come on vacation somewhere in an unknown place, it is by studying the Wikimapia maps that you find much more interesting places than any other maps can suggest.

Most detailed maps - Wikimapia Most detailed maps - Wikimapia

As for the app itself from Wikimapia. Then it completely works out the capabilities of the site, from viewing the area around you, ending with the addition of directly new objects that were not previously there. Naturally, the ability to comment, add photos.

I will not 'smear text' much and will summarize the essence of this service.

  1. Detailed maps of the area with descriptions and photographs of objects (it seems to me that it also happens to be illegal, military and security forces);
  2. Free map editing;
  3. The ability to use both on the web and on a smartphone (there is probably an application on Android too).

There is also a drawback. Apparently something happened with the project in the summer of 2016 and the development of the cards froze. New objects are added, moderators monitor the relevance of the written texts and marked objects. But the images themselves from space have not been updated for a long time. Fortunately, this does not bother much

PS: Check it out, I'm sure many will like it.

[Link to Wikimapia app at App Store]

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