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Mobile TV What will allow you not to get bored, standing in a huge traffic jam, stretching for several kilometers? How not to miss a long-awaited program or an important football match if you are far from the TV and you only have a smartphone with Internet access? Answers to these questions can be given by an application from the MTS company called 'Mobile TV'. The advantages of using this program are obvious. In addition to the above tasks, the application will help you see the necessary transmissions while in roaming. This can be done via the Wi-Fi wireless interface, and it's completely free. In addition, using the program will keep you updated with the latest news. This application is multilingual, about 100 pre-installed channels will be able to watch representatives of 17 countries of the world, in 26 different languages. Features of the Mobile TV application from MTS: – Hundreds of TV channels – Updatable TV program guide – The ability to schedule video viewing using the calendar – A convenient feature called picture-in-picture At the moment, the service for using the Mobile TV application works in 3G networks , operates in test mode and is provided for free use. The program is free, installed from the AppStore. Install from AppStore: MTS TV

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