MultiCorder 2.0.1: the Swiss knife of video decoders for iPhone

MultiCorder 2.0.1: the Swiss knife of video decoders for iPhone  Many 'dummies' wonder why separately install an application for recording video in shooting mode, when the built-in recorder iPhone does a good job with it? Our answer: the default recorder is, of course, good, but not as functional as the new MultiCorder 2.0.1 application, which is a kind of champion among utilities and programs of this kind. This recorder can do so much that you reverently take off your hat. However, why are empty praises? See for yourself by checking out MultiCorder 2.0.1's impressive Merit List for just $ 2.99 according to iTunes. Oh, it's not for nothing that the new brainchild in the face of MultiCorder 2.0.1 from the developers of Mirage Labs is called the Swiss knife among video recorders like it. There are so many functions that we will limit ourselves to listing only the best, in our opinion, capabilities for the average user iPhone and iPad: – an easy-to-use application is, in fact, a complete replacement for a regular video camera, when compared by function. And, indeed, with the high video recording resolutions available in the latest generation phones iPhone, the need for a camera in this case disappears altogether. The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is just the huge number of supported video recording resolutions, up to HD, as well as a wide range of recording in various audio formats, codecs, frequencies and bit rates. You can also save the recorded video in many formats and resolutions. Panoramic recording mode is also available. Learn more on the iTunes website. – there is a Video Zoom (zoom), focus and auto-focus mode, as well as the ability to record video simultaneously from the front and rear cameras of the phone. Moreover, you can easily switch cameras (flip) right in the process of shooting video, without losing the quality of the 'picture' and audio. The captured video can even be edited later, adding effects, which, although there are few, but there is no need to download / buy an additional application. – Spy mode. More about it, since the option will certainly be useful to many. Let's say you want to secretly photograph what your loved ones are doing (we remind you that voyeurism in our country is punishable by law), it is not easier if you have a phone with MultiCorder 2.0.1 installed at your fingertips. Turn on 'Spy Mode' and spy on your health, the recording process will be completely hidden from prying eyes by your chosen screensaver. It also supports all available resolutions, flip, compression of video files to save more memory, and all the basic functions of other modes. – the option Schedule is available, that is, you can select the time and date for automatic start and end of video recording. The phone camera will take pictures of everything that will fall into its 'field of view' at the time of shooting. As you can see for yourself, even the basic functions are more than enough for novice Spielbergs and Camerons. But this is not the whole list of MultiCorder 2.0.1 features. You can always familiarize yourself with them in more detail yourself, in the end we just add that the application is compatible with devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G (requires iOS 4.2 or higher).

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