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Music Tutor - music trainer for iPhone It is thanks to iPhone that the smartphone is now more than a classic mobile phone. Mobile devices have long gone beyond their classical purpose and with each new application they open up new opportunities for their owners. With Music Tutor by JSplash Apps, your iPhone becomes a musical notation trainer that helps you master musical notation and hone your ear for music. Music Tutor - music trainer for iPhone For music school students or people in some way connected with the music industry, Music Tutor will be an extremely rewarding acquisition. The application is a music trainer that will help you easily master notation and study the peculiarities of constructing musical sounds. Music Tutor - music trainer for iPhone The application interface is as simple as possible, and despite the fact that it is available only in English, Russian-speaking users will have no difficulty in understanding how to work with a simple and intuitive shell, the designations and sound of notes are brought to a global standard. Music Tutor - music trainer for iPhone The essence of musical notation is to do simple tasks for a while. Different notes are displayed alternately on the staff, and your task is to determine the name of the note as quickly as possible. If you gave the correct answer, you are awarded points and the accuracy of determining the notes increases. You have 5 minutes for a workout, the counter is in the upper left of the screen. At the end of the training, the result is displayed: the points scored, the accuracy of the definition and the total points for the leaderboard in the Game Center. After the end of the training, you can get acquainted with the work on the errors. Music Tutor - music trainer for iPhone Music Tutor is a specific application, aimed at a narrow category of users involved in music production. The application is on sale in App Store at a price of 66 rubles and, as it seems to me, it costs its money. If you are a musician or are just taking your first steps in a musical career, Music Tutor will certainly help you with this.

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