MusicBox – Free Music Player in Law [Free]

MusicBox - Free Music Player in Law [Free] in App Store all music players with access to free music content fall into two categories: those that have already been removed and those that will soon be removed. When I received the release of this application from the developer, I decided to wait until the program moved into the second category. And then it's a shame to write how good everything is, and in a week to shoot an article. And the other day I was frankly surprised to find MusicBox on the same shelf in App Store, and even in a new version. Therefore, I am quite deservedly reviewing “the best free music player of 2014”, as the developers themselves modestly write about their work :). But there is still something from such praise in reality … The developers took a non-standard approach to solving the issue of copyright. Musicbox tracks are presented in the form of clips and music videos. You type in the search the name of the artist, the name of the song or album (the search line also helps you with this, giving out a list of tips) and listen. You can add your favorite song to your Favorites folder so you don't have to dig around next time. All tracks, and there are more than 20 million of them, are easy to find and listen to for free. And what's nice, it's completely legal. MusicBox - Free Music Player in Law [Free] Sometimes the tracks are indistinguishable from the usual sound, but sometimes the specificity of the video format is felt. So, clicking on “Old Hotel” first listen to a piece of an interview with young Aguzarova, telling the story of the song's creation, then the track itself. There is a button that includes a picture. That is, you can admire the same Aguzarova in a small window, and turning the iPhone over – in full screen. MusicBox - Free Music Player in Law [Free] The application is convenient, the design is pleasant, the functionality is familiar: repetition of a composition, random tracks, etc. There is a “traffic saving” mode that allows you to reduce traffic usage by 5 times. The album cover is displayed instead of the video. The only annoying thing is the periodically pop-up ads – an annoying companion of many free applications. But you can turn it off by paying 33 rubles. MusicBox - Free Music Player in Law [Free] As the developers in Russia assure, MusicBox has been downloaded more than a million times. Internet is required to listen to songs. The application contains over 6 million ready-made playlists, supports voice search and hashtag search.

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