My Railway – railway empire [Free]

My Railway - railway empire [Free] My Railway - railway empire [Free] Do not think that the essence of the game is to switch the arrows on the tracks. In this game for iPhone you are the owner of the railway empire, which you create and develop yourself. But you will manage not only the railway, but everything that it connects. My Railway - railway empire [Free] The gameplay includes the development of the enterprise, increasing their range, and as a result, the development of cities. You can improve the store, thereby receiving more income from the sale of goods, or invest in the academy, to get more experience points. Do not be afraid that all responsibilities will be thrown on you without any support. Throughout the game you will be supplied with new tasks, for the completion of which you will receive experience and rewards. My Railway - railway empire [Free] An interesting market system is also built into the game. A product does not always cost the same amount. There is an exchange that shows the rise or fall of the price of a certain product. To get the maximum profit, you need to monitor price changes and sell the product at the peak of popularity. In addition to regular goods, you can trade in items for which you need to get a contract. My Railway - railway empire [Free] The construction of a railway does not end with the purchase of a rail and a steam locomotive. Over time, the rails can be improved as well as the locomotives. This will increase your movement speed and make more money. In problem areas, the game will ask you to build a bridge, which will take more time and will cost a lot of money. The game is terribly gluttonous for gold coins. I understand that being free is the only way for My Railway to make money. But the game is made just fine, and it would be better if the developers put the price tag in a dollar or even two, but after that they gave the opportunity to fully enjoy a good game. Install from AppStore

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