My writing nook

The application turns out to be a very useful solution for journalists, writers, copywriters and all other people whose profession (or hobby) is directly related to writing text notes and articles. By paying for an app that costs no more than the price of a cup of coffee, you can work on creating new materials wherever you are. My Writing Nook is geared towards large and serious projects. If you are writing a book or article, working on it both from your computer and from your smartphone, then My Writing Nook will be an indispensable assistant – all your notes made with iPhone will also be available through the web interface applications. In other words, you can continue working on your project from any device with Internet access. For convenience, you can use My Writing Nook both vertically and horizontally iPhone. The application has an autosave function and you do not have to worry about certain important data. My writing nook The application also has a built-in function for viewing document statistics. Thus, you will always know how many words you managed to write in a given period of time. It's also worth noting that My Writing Nook is the perfect solution for creating To-Do lists. By adding tasks that you need to complete during the day / week / month, you can always read them from any device and track the implementation of your plans. To access the My Writing Nook web service, just visit and log into the system with your account data at Google. The app is available in the AppStore. The cost of the app is $ 2.99. Install from AppStore

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