MyTherapy Medication Reminder

Taking medication is a task that is approached responsibly and often reluctantly. The reason for this is the need to constantly monitor when and how much medication should be taken. How to help yourself or a loved one take medication on time and regularly?

MyTherapy app will help you. There are no extra features in the app, only reminders and tracking of sports activities, measurements and symptoms. The application is useful for those who have to follow different treatment regimens at the same time.

MyTherapy Medication Reminder

The main task of the application, of course, is to remind you of medications. To add a reminder, from the main menu screen, tap on 'Treatment' and select one of the four available options: Medication, Measurements, Activities and Symptoms.

You can customize reminders by adding a detailed description for each drug. For example, in addition to the usual date, time, drug name, you can enter the duration of the dose. When you select this option, the following values ​​will become available: taking the medicine in a certain period before the date or without an expiration date.

MyTherapy Medication Reminder
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The most useful setting for most will be the receive frequency. You can select the following indicators: reminders daily, X times a day (or every X hours), every X days, on certain days of the week and finally, the choice of a cycle (X days are active, Y days are skipped). Also, you can set the method of taking the medicine and the unit of measurement of the dose (gram, milligram, drop, tablet, ampoule).

The same can be said for measurements and sports, mood checks. Each of these parameters has customizable metrics, as well as a large selection of different measurements of health and sports, including for peace of mind.

MyTherapy Medication Reminder

All tracked data on medication intake, sports activities and measurements taken are recorded in the health log, which can be found on the main menu screen. With a visual representation of the results of treatment before our eyes (compliance with all prescriptions is displayed as a percentage), adherence to the treatment regimen quickly becomes a habit.

The app is available for free download on platforms Android and iOS.

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