New features in the iGooods mobile app

Constantly improving technologies allow a modern person to manage their time competently and simplify some actions to one click on the network. Today mobile gadgets have become indispensable helpers, both for users and in the service sector.

New features in the iGooods mobile app

For example, iGooods, which specializes in the delivery of products from METRO, LENTA, KARUSEL, SPAR, VkusVill and other hypermarkets, is actively developing in Moscow and the regions, making its mobile application more functional, convenient and understandable.

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The app has an intuitive ordering system. With its help, customers of the service can enter the catalogs of selected hypermarkets and, easily navigating the assortment, collect a shopping cart. The application interface makes cooperation with the company simple and pleasant, because the user only needs a few simple steps for the buyer to go to fulfill the order and deliver the purchases at the exact time specified.

Today, iGooods customers can order fresh and high-quality products from hypermarkets day after day, being in the office, in a traffic jam or drinking coffee in their favorite coffee shop. The service is available not only for Petersburgers, but also for the population of Moscow, Kazan, Belgorod, Orenburg and Surgut. Therefore, the application has a convenient option for selecting and changing the delivery region. Also, taking into account the shortcomings and constructive comments of users, iGooods corrected and improved the following points in the service:

  • the address is entered more comfortably – in text
  • when repeating an order, you do not have to select a store again (goods are added to the basket of the same retail network);
  • no problems with incorrect display of the nearest delivery hours – only the current time;
  • accurate display of the number of products in your personal order history.

The absence of technical problems and an orderly system provides the company with a constant relationship with customers and expanding the geography of users. For a client, this is an opportunity to quickly and easily find the products they need, control their expenses, view the history of their orders, receive information about promotions and discounts, track the procurement process and leave feedback.

IGooods app – fast and profitable shopping on your smartphone.

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