New Year offers


Tangerines, candy, sparklers, people running through crowded shops – all this suggests that he is already very close.

The company Apple is also preparing for the New Year holidays, providing an opportunity to purchase products at a pre-New Year's price, and in App Store a special section “Holiday Apps & Games” has appeared, the applications of which create a festive atmosphere, because the New Year always associated with some kind of magic and expectation of a miracle.

tc     Just SING! Christmas Songs

The music application allows you to choose one of four New Year's songs and sing it along with a cute Snow Maiden. If you don't know the words, you can spy on the text at the bottom of the screen. It is desirable to sing correctly and into the microphone, as the scoring system located in the upper right corner reflects your progress. The application, of course, will not replace a full-fledged karaoke, but a portion of the New Year's mood is provided.

js-1 js-2 js-3

By dtp young entertainment iOS 4.2 and up $ 0.99 [iTunes link]

tc Crazy Penguin Christmas

The world is in danger again. “2011 will not be” – said the polar bears and steal Santa Claus (Santa Claus). Crazy penguins come to the rescue, for the sake of the holiday they are capable of anything. Your task is to help the penguins break through the crowds of huge bears and rescue the captive old man. 50 colorful levels, good graphics and musical accompaniment are imbued with the New Year spirit.

cp-1 cp-2 cp-3 By Digital Chocolate, Inc. iOS 2.1 and up $ 0.99 [iTunes link]

tc Talking Santa for iPhone

The holiday is very close, if you behaved well, then of course you will receive your gift, but if you behaved badly and received deuces, then Santa crosses you off his list. 'How can the situation be corrected' – you ask. It's very simple, you just need to install the Talking Santa application and appease the old man with a glass of milk, cookies, a slap in the face, a tickle or a snowball.

ts-1 ts-2 ts-3

By Outfit7 iOS 3.0 and up $ 0.99 [iTunes link]

tc Holiday Bells

Shake iPhone and hear the lovely ringing of the Christmas bell. The application contains 15 virtual bells, choosing the one you like, you can create your own melody or listen to 12 Christmas songs that will appeal not only to children, but also to parents.

hb-1 hb-2 hb-3

By Lightsphere LLC iOS 3.1 and up $ 0.99 [iTunes link]

tc X'mas Camera

The uniqueness of X'mas Camera lies in the fact that using the lotions of this application, you can make a small fairy tale from photographs, for example, put on a red cap of Santa Claus, glue a white beard or deer antlers, add snowflakes and magic glitter. In this way, the photos are given an even more festive mood. Manipulations with the image do not have to be carried out immediately, it can be done at any time by uploading a picture from the gallery. xc-1 xc-2 xc-3

By POLYGON MAGIC, INC. iOS 3.1.2 and above $ 0.99 [iTunes link]

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