NFS – Most Wanted [Hit] new – old episode

NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode Out of the entire Need for Speed ​​series, this is my favorite part. I'm talking about the computer version, of course. Tournaments and competitions are good, but it was nice even just to drive around the city, make a fool of around the wheel and annoy the police. The fact that Most Wanted was released just now suggested that there was something in the game that had never been seen before. The demand for racing simulators in App Store is great, and it is not surprising that the newly released application immediately became a hit, at a fairly high price of 227 rubles. Let's try to figure out how fair this is … NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode I must have become very picky, but nothing surprised me in this game. Graphics, well, good at the level of Asphalt 7. Realistic behavior of the car, well, almost like in Real Racing 2. You can decompose other elements of the game as I've seen it somewhere … But that's not why I liked Most wanted. The plot was the main one. After installing the program to iPhone, you will be prompted to make a training ride, try to press different pedals. The difference in control is the inclusion of drift when pressed on the right side of the screen. Otherwise, everything is standard. NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode The game has different types of tournaments. You will be chasing in a group, in pairs and just for a while. Almost always, you will be accompanied by police cars. They do not pay attention to you, to other violators of the speed limit. However, the police here are not very smart. NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode You will have to start your racing path from a trash heap on wheels. For victories, you get game currency and the opportunity to buy something better. The opponents are not very strong, but they won't be able to defeat themselves so easily. Each track has its own chip that helps to win the race, and it is not immediately found. NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode The app has a play store. For $ 1.99, you can immediately get richer by 500,000 local dollars and buy almost everything. But this is not sports. NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode NFS - Most Wanted [Hit] new - old episode So. In short, the game is good, but perhaps that's all. With the same success, you can play other similar racing simulators and not feel the difference.

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