Nike + GPS for Athletes

Nike + GPS for Athletes The Nike + GPS app allows sports running enthusiasts to use their iPhone to visually map each run and track speed, distance, time and calories burned. The program gives runners the ability to run anywhere indoors and outdoors, on the stadium treadmill and on the machine. This app combines the power of GSP technology with an accelerometer to map and track your run anywhere. Even in the absence of a GPS signal, users can, thanks to the accelerometer, continue to track speed, distance, time and burned calories. GPS technology allows runners to track all of their routes, including speed and distance data at various stages of their run. Runners can even view their location on the screen while they run. The Challenge Me feature allows runners to test if they are capable of running a longer distance, a faster pace, or longer than the previous race. After each run, runners can connect to to save their run and share their results with friends via the website, Twitter or Facebook. Nike + GPS for Athletes Nike + GPS for Athletes Install from AppStore

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