Nitro – Big Race [Free]

Nitro - Big Race [Free] Recently, more and more new games have appeared in the AppStore, and it is very difficult to find really high-quality ones. But among the abundance of racing games I found a really good and fun game called Nitro, and it's free. Nitro - Big Race [Free] Immediately after starting the game, you are greeted by a girl mechanic who will give you hints during races and car upgrades. At the beginning of the game, you have $ 13,000 of game currency at your disposal, for which you need to buy a suitable car. Three cars will be available to you, and the rest will be closed, but they will open as you progress through the game. After purchase, you will be offered to drive a familiarization circle to learn all the features of management. Everything is easy here: the left pedal is the brake, and the right pedal is gas, you need to steer by tilting the device. Nitro - Big Race [Free] During the races, you need not only to overtake the enemy and come first to the finish line, but also collect various bonuses that come across on the way to the finish line. Bonuses can contain both cash rewards and various ones intended for an upgrade. Nitro - Big Race [Free] To always win, you will sometimes need to upgrade your car. All additional parts and improvements are bought for game currency, but if you do not have enough of it, you can use in-game purchases. It is also worth noting that some improvements are not installed immediately, sometimes you need to wait a while or pay off with credits for the add-on to be installed immediately. The game has a network mode, so if you are tired of playing with robots, you can drive with real people.

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