Numbers: spreadsheet program

Numbers: spreadsheet program

If there is a successful analogue of the famous software from Microsoft for working with Excel spreadsheets for smartphones Apple, it is the Numbers application, which, along with Pages and Keynote, is included in the package a mobile program based on iOS – iWork. This program appeared in the iWork package only due to the persistent requests of users iPhone and iPad, who badly needed a mobile light version of MS Excel.

At its core, Numbers is a kind of improved version of Excel, with which the application has many common options. For example, in Numbers, just like in MS Excel, you can create tabular 'workbooks' and carry out computational operations using specified algorithms and formulas. But, unlike Excel, Numbers has a more user-friendly interface due to the well-thought-out functionality of the workspace, in which you can create several tables at the same time and separately edit each of them without making corrections to the other, adding charts, titles and images, etc. . Plus, Excel files can always be integrated into Numbers and vice versa.

Numbers: spreadsheet program

It is also convenient to integrate with other bundled virtual office applications – iWork – Keynote and Pages. Any text from Pages, for example, can be pasted into Numbers while working with two programs.

Among the main advantages of Numbers are the following options:

1) A huge number of templates and formulas for simple and complex calculations with automatic counting function. Improved minor options for faster calculations, for example, formula indicators can be displayed both in cells and as a title to eliminate the possibility of confusion when working with the same cells.

2) Support for exporting tables created with Numbers in popular formats – .xsl or .pdf.

3) Viewing the general list of all formulas of one document with the ability to go to cells according to each of the formulas. If many different calculations were carried out within the same table, then, you see, such a function can be very useful.

4) Advanced search for formulas in cells within one document.

5) Sorting of table data by the selected field values. The result will be a list with headings, in which each item will display the corresponding data.

Numbers: spreadsheet program

Like all native apps from Apple, Numbers boasts not only full integration, smooth operation on Apple smartphones and tablets, but also an impressive set of functions for convenient and fast work with spreadsheets. Perhaps to some people Numbers will seem only a simplified version of Excel, but the obvious advantage is the full compatibility of this application with iPhone, in contrast to the same Microsoft Excel.

Developer: Apple

Current version: 1.5

Price: $ 9.99

Compatibility: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires at least iOS 5.0.

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