Ocarina 2 – iPhone flute [temporarily Free]

Ocarina 2 - iPhone flute [temporarily Free] Are you a musician at heart and generally an extraordinary person, but you can't show your talents? App Store has something interesting for you – an app for iPhone “Ocarina 2”, which will help you turn your phone into a real musical instrument. Yes, I agree, there are quite a few similar applications in App Store, but they all “turn” your phone into a guitar, piano, and even drums. Ocarina 2 will turn your phone into something other than a wind instrument – a flute! By the way, the Wall Street Journal recognized the Ocarina 2 app as one of the most original entertainment programs. Interesting? – let's take a closer look. Ocarina 2 - iPhone flute [temporarily Free] The application presents you with a whole list of songs to choose from, here both classics and modern compositions. The list of songs is updated every week and it's all absolutely free. If the composition you are interested in is not in the list, then you can always download it via Facebook or Google +. Ocarina 2 - iPhone flute [temporarily Free] Just as you can see, all the compositions are divided into three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Besides, before you start performing a song, you can listen and watch something like a tutroal, and only after that start playing. As for the game, then everything is extremely simple, you just need to blow into the microphone (just do not overdo it) and press the peculiar buttons on the screen in the specified order. But I must admit that it just seems to be only in words, but in reality it is so difficult to play – it does not always work out on time and quickly enough to rearrange your fingers on the necessary buttons. Ocarina 2 - iPhone flute [temporarily Free] There are also several modes in the application, among which “Freestyle” attracts the most attention, which allows you to play in a free manner. Ocarina 2 - iPhone flute [temporarily Free] Another interesting find is hidden behind the “World” fold. In this mode, you can see and hear other users of the application, which will be displayed on the globe at their location. Ocarina 2 - iPhone flute [temporarily Free] I can say that the application is really interesting, funny, original and very beautiful in terms of design solutions. Ocarina 2 is worthy of being downloaded!

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