Oceanhorn is a great platformer

Oceanhorn is a great platformer Oceanhorn is a fully 3D platformer from the creators of the Across Age and Cover Orange series from FDG Entertainment. The game was awarded the “Editor's Choice” nomination in App Store and I tell you – not in vain. The plot, graphics, musical accompaniment, high-quality control and interaction with various objects, all this in the game is set to a qualitatively new level, the envy of competitors! Oceanhorn is a great platformer The game belongs to the genre of platformers with quest and strategy elements. The plot revolves around a brave boy who, once waking up, discovers that his father has gone in an unknown direction for an unknown reason. He left everything after himself to the protagonist: an old diary and a mysterious necklace. According to the laws of the genre, which has nothing to do with reality, the boy rushes headlong in search of his father. The fate of the protagonist is completely in your hands. Oceanhorn is a great platformer Before you is a huge world of the fairytale kingdom of Arcadia, full of secrets and dangers, the developers promise 10 hours of active gameplay, and you need to work in the game not only with your hands, but also with your head. In Oceanhorn, you have to solve numerous puzzles and fight bloodthirsty monsters, which will become much more ferocious and tenacious as you progress. Interaction with objects in the game is great: you can pick up, move and metata various objects, read helpful tips, destroy bushes, find coins, communicate with heroes and much more. Oceanhorn is a great platformer The gaming world is simply huge: coastlines, mountains, valleys and dungeons, all this creates a unique gaming atmosphere, which is emphasized by gorgeous soundtracks from world-famous game composers Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito. This must be heard by all means. The controls in the game are as simple as possible, you can move the hero across the terrain either with simple tapes on any part of the screen, or by holding your finger on the screen, set the direction of his movement. The hit and interaction button (raise, throw, lower, move) is located under the thumb of the right hand, which is very convenient. Oceanhorn is a great platformer Thanks to the developers for the opportunity to save game progress, though not at any time, but at checkpoints, in case of death (the number of lives is limited), you will have to start not from the very beginning, but from the last checkpoint. Is Oceanhorn worth your attention? The answer is unequivocal – YES! Well, let the game cost a lot, 299 rubles, but the price is fully justified, the pleasure is still something. You can also download the application from a shared account.

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