Oddwings Escape – Arcade Cocktail [Free]

Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] Oddwings Escape is a cocktail of two genres: platforming and arcade. Feathered Frankenstein Frankie miraculously escaped the evil Dr. Rooster'a. Now the mission of saving his fellows became the meaning of his life. Welcome to Small Giant Games' debut platformer Oddwings Escape. Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] The background is this: Frankie – the Frankenstein bird escaped from the laboratory, where a certain Dr. Rooster is conducting experiments to resurrect dead birds. The experiments were successful, the scientist managed to resurrect several birds of different kinds with special abilities. Franky cannot stay away and takes on the mission of saving his fellows. You are invited to take control of the main character. The fate of the feathered test subjects depends on your skills and the ability to use your own fingers. Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] The task in the game is to fly the given segment of the path as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more gold coins and keys you manage to collect, the higher the result, and therefore the more pleasant bonuses. Coins are used to improve the flying skills of the player character (speed, energy, agility and magnetism). Each hero has his own special power, Frankie does not have it, but Frida, Clever Man, Ramses, Alex, Rocky do. In order to unlock them, try to collect the golden keys scattered across the levels. There is a faster and easier way – to buy keys in a store for real money, but we are not looking for easy ways, especially since this is not necessary. Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] As you progress, the gaming experience will increase, new companies and special mini-competitions will open. The quality of passing the level (how many coins were collected) is rated by stars, maximum 3 stars. The more stars, the more coins and faster growth. Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] If a misfortune happened and your feathered hero lost his vital energy or ran into an obstacle, the level will have to start over, and the number of wings (lives) will decrease by 1. Life is restored over time, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to pass Oddwings Escape without a short respite. Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] The first thing you pay attention to after starting the game is the graphics. The game looks great: bright and saturated colors, picturesque levels and their detailed drawing, the eye is happy. I especially liked the mechanics of the game, the physics of the flight was worked out very qualitatively: the bird flies downward easier and faster, in order to fly higher, more strength and energy are required. The quality of your flight (speed) will depend on how well you can combine gliding and takeoffs. Oddwings Escape - Arcade Cocktail [Free] Oddwings Escape is free, anyone can download it from App Store. The game has in-app purchases (coins and keys), but spending money on what is offered for free is ridiculous. Small Giant Games' platformer with arcade elements turned out to be kind, high-quality and beautiful, it will be interesting to play not only for children and adolescents, but also for demanding gamers.

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