Offline Pages Pro: universal offline 'reader' for Internet users

Offline Pages Pro: universal offline 'reader' for Internet users How often on the road do you spend time looking for a free Wi-Fi network to access the Internet through your iPhone? Probably enough to wonder what alternative to browsing your favorite sites is if there is no Internet connection. An excellent solution can be a relatively inexpensive multifunctional program Offline Pages Pro, specially designed to store your favorite sites for later viewing them offline. How does Offline Pages Pro app work? By running the program, you can save not just web pages, but entire Internet sites. Moreover, offline browsing will not differ in appearance from the usual online mode. To save the site you like, wait until the web page is fully loaded and click the corresponding button in the application. After saving the site, the offline reading function on the screen iPhone will become available through the program interface. Offline Pages Pro: universal offline 'reader' for Internet users Features of the current version of Offline Pages Pro for iPhone: – support for all available web page formats, as well as PDF, Word and almost all image formats; – support for the security of the HTTPS protocol; – automatic option to update the saved sites every time you connect to the Internet; – the ability to organize the saved sites using tags and marks 'unread / read'; – the ability to select pages of the site to save, if there is no need to copy the entire site; – you can add documents or links received from the archive of the saved site to the user's password-protected e-mail. – inside the application, it is possible to transfer saved sites or web pages to services Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Offline Pages Pro: universal offline 'reader' for Internet users Verdict: An excellent app for those users who like to read news and articles on informational websites and at the same time want to save traffic and time. Developer: Codium Labs LLC Current version: 1.4 Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.0. Download ipa file: Offline Pages Pro Install from AppStore

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