Oil Capitalist – Making Money Adult

Oil Capitalist - Making Money Adult Various kinds of simulators are one of the most popular categories of games in App Store. This is a great alternative to shooters for those who just want to pass the time with pleasure. And today we are going to tell you about one of these interesting time killers, called 'Oil Capitalist' for iPhone. Here you will be offered things more interesting and more ambitious than just the development of the next farm. It all starts with good news – oil has been found on your land, and the bank has allocated $ 1000 for you to build a tower, which will allow you to start production. A minute after the start of active construction, your rig will start working and bring you profit. Oil Capitalist - Making Money Adult The produced oil can be sold on the stock exchange, thus replenishing the balance of your personal bank account. And when a more or less tangible amount has accumulated, you can invest it in the purchase of new buildings, expanding your business. Oil Capitalist - Making Money Adult If you are reluctant to wait until the construction is completed, the process can be accelerated by spending diamonds. True, this resource is limited, and if at the start 100 pieces will be given to you for free, then further, to replenish stock, you will have to buy them. So think about it, maybe it's better to wait after all? There will always be more important areas of investment. By the way, the buildings themselves can be upgraded, which increases their capabilities, or sold if you urgently need money. Oil Capitalist - Making Money Adult At the top of the screen, all resources available to you at the moment are displayed – oil, gold, diamonds – as well as the level of your impact on the environment (in percent). And the higher this figure, the worse for you, because if it reaches a critical point, you face arrest. Oil Capitalist - Making Money Adult True, by paying 50 diamonds, you can reduce the harm that your business does to the environment and sleep well)) The game has a rather strange localization – some of the elements are in Russian, and some in English. However, even if everything is bad with English, thanks to high-quality illustrations, it will not be difficult to figure it out. Oil Capitalist is a really addicting business simulator with a nice interface that you can figure out in the first couple of minutes of the game. The developers have made a worthwhile game for iPhone that is worth paying attention to.

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