Oil Hunt – a game about oil [Free]

Oil Hunt - a game about oil [Free] Oil Hunt – 100% arcade game about the adventures of an oil hunter – a funny aborigine who feeds on black gold. Your task is to drill oil wells of a certain depth and suck oil from underground storages. The result is a simple, fun and addictive time killer for iPhone. Note, simple does not mean easy … Oil Hunt - a game about oil [Free] The difficulty of the game lies in the fact that oil deposits are at different depths and the amount of oil in them is different. All you need to do is suck out as much of the 'fuel' as possible. The depth of the well will have to be determined by eye. To drill a hole, press and hold your finger on the screen iPhone until your character pulls a pipe of the desired length from the bosom. Oil Hunt - a game about oil [Free] If the pipe does not reach the oil or is too long, the game stops and you have to start over. The counter at the top of the screen counts the emptied underground vaults. The more accurately you can determine the depth of the well, the more oil you can pump out and the faster you can get pleasant bonuses in the form of new characters or additional oil reserves. Oil Hunt - a game about oil [Free] The interface in Oil Hunt is cartoonish, the background image changes, but slightly. The sound is also in perfect order: there are sounds and background music. Oil Hunt - a game about oil [Free] The game is available in App Store for free, but is monetized by in-app ads and occasionally annoying pop-up videos. At first it is interesting to play, but the monotonous gameplay quickly gets boring, all the same, the user's actions are minimal. Yes, PlayFlame's time killer turned out to be good, but boring. To dilute it with competitions against the clock with artificial intelligence or multiplayer mode – it would take longer.

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