Orb – multimedia server

Turns your home computer into a multimedia station. Everything that is on your computer, you can view, listen and read anywhere in the world where there is a wi-fi connection. The system streams your video and audio files to the iphone. It broadcasts and does not save. Therefore, there is no need to wait until the entire video file is overwritten, the film starts playing immediately as soon as the first frames are loaded into the buffer. With this approach, all the main work is done by the desktop computer, and the phone only displays the picture. Thus, the program, as it were, increases the size of the iphone disk, adding to it everything that you have on your computer. And creates personal Internet radio and TV broadcasts. So how does it work. First you need to go to the site http://www.orb.com and register. Then you download from the site and install the program on your computer. Finally, install the orb application from the iphone installer. On your computer, you need to open the program settings and specify the folders where videos, photos and music are stored. Launch the application on the iphone and enter your registration data. Now in the corresponding sections: Photo, Video, Music, you can see the content of your media section. Further configuration of the application is made from the orb.com website. When you log in, you have the ability to customize how your media library works. In addition, the broadcast of video and audio files can be made available to everyone by placing them on your site, for this the program generates a special html code. In additional options, you can connect a web camera and broadcast online. Of the shortcomings, I can note the following. When watching movies, the frame rate drops to 15. This is very noticeable in dynamic scenes. The media file cannot be rewound or fast-forward. You can only pause. The process that is launched by the computer at the time of broadcasting video data is quite active. On Amd Athlon 2500 this is 40% of the processor load. Orb - multimedia serverOrb - multimedia serverOrb - multimedia server Orb - multimedia serverOrb - multimedia serverOrb - multimedia server

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