Orby Widgets – a pumped up notification center

Orby Widgets - a pumped up notification center Notification Center in iOS saves time: displays calendar events and reminders, as well as messages from applications installed on iPhone on the lock screen (and not only). But this is not all that he can do. With the help of the Orby Widgets utility, you can 'pump' it and save even more. Orby Widgets - a pumped up notification center In short, Orby Widgets is a collection of widgets for the Notification Center iOS. After installing and configuring the application, notifications on iPhone and iPad display information about the state of the processor, memory and battery of the device, and the state of the network connection. You can also launch applications from the locked screen and exchange instant messages with just one tap. With Orby Widgets, the Notification Center turns from an information application into an executive mechanism, with which you can significantly save time on unlocking the device with a password or fingerprint and launching the corresponding application. Orby Widgets - a pumped up notification centerOrby Widgets - a pumped up notification center I would like to note right away that Orby Widgets is not suitable for users who care for the privacy of their information, as it launches applications bypassing password protection. With Orby Widgets, the Notification Center at iPhone will show:

  1. Information about the state of the device memory: reserved, used, idle, free and shared.
  2. CPU load.
  3. The state of permanent memory for storing information.
  4. Information about the battery charge and estimated runtime.
  5. The status of the device's connection to the network: the amount of data received and sent to the network via Wi-Fi and the cellular network (the data is relevant since the last reboot of the device).
  6. Network addresses: Mac and IP address.
  7. Information about the date and time of the last reboot or turning on of the device.

In addition to information, with Orby Widgets in the Notification Center, you can send messages to your page on the social network Facebook or Twitter, as well as exchange instant messages in instant messengers (at iPhone their clients must be installed) and run various applications. I don’t know how relevant the calculator widget is in the Notification Center, if there is one in the Control Center, but there is such a widget as well. Orby Widgets - a pumped up notification centerOrby Widgets - a pumped up notification center Each widget in the set can be 'customized': change the theme and customize. The application launcher and the quick call of contacts are separately configured. If in iOS you lack the functionality of widgets on Android, with Orby Widgets and the like in iOS 8 and above the problem is solved. Now from the Notification Center you can receive not only information, but also fully manage the device without additional gestures. In App Store the application costs a minimum of 29 rubles (I installed it for a temporary promotion for free) and if you are used to widgets on android before switching to iOS – the application is worthwhile.

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