Pages: the best text editor for iPhone

Pages: the best text editor for iPhone The 'native' application from Apple to iPhone called Pages is an independent part of the iWork project, which serves as an excellent alternative to such a giant as the software package for working with files on a PC from Microsoft – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Since the Pages application, as an analogue of MS Word, works as a text editor, users iPhone can edit text files using the huge functionality of the application, which requires little memory and space on iPhone. Pages is not just a text field with several functions, but a full-fledged text editor that can practically do everything that MS Word usually offers. Collaboration with text files of various resolutions – from .doc to .pdf, import, export and paste of elements from other iWord applications (Numbers and Keynote), as well as a huge number of tools for editing text and graphic elements – this is not a complete list of Pages services . Pages: the best text editor for iPhone Other features of the advanced Pages text editor from Apple: 1) Quickly sync Pages with Keynote slides and Numbers tables. 2) The function of full-screen viewing, when you can quickly jump to the desired passage of text or view two pages of one document at the same time. 3) More than 40 templates for all occasions. 4) The new version has a Mail Merge function that allows you to send the same document to hundreds of email addresses, thanks to the integration of a database from Numbers into Pages. A very handy function for marketing workers, which is also suitable for sending offers to business partners, inviting friends, etc. 5) Support for Multitouch. 6) Integration with iCloud Pages: the best text editor for iPhone Using the service Apple iCloud, you can share a document from various devices, including computers running windos (vista and 7). Without a doubt, if you need to work with documents both on a PC and on iPhone, there is simply no better software than Pages. Lots of features, smooth operation, no stuttering, integration mode with other iWork elements, full screen and context menu modes, and integration with other editor programs are some of the many benefits of using Pages. Developer: Apple Current version: 1.5 Price: $ 9.99 Compatibility: Phone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires at least.

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