Paint it Back – paint again [Free]

Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Hello dear readers! Today we have an application for iPhone “Paint it Back” for review. The game begins with a narrative video, from which we learn that in one of the major museums a ghost has started up, accidentally “frightening” all the images in the paintings. And now the main artist, in the role of which the player acts, is faced with the task of painting all the paintings anew. Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Already by the icon it is clear that the artist is, to put it mildly, in a panic: not only did he see the ghost, but also all the paintings became invisible, this is a turn of events 🙂 Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Immediately, I would like to note the recently unusual design solution of the application: the toy is made in a cartoon style, without any sketches, I would even say that the design is simple to the point of disgrace, but in general it looks quite attractive 🙂 Paint it Back - paint again [Free] There are 14 blocks in the game, according to the number of rooms in the museum. Moreover, the first 3 blocks are in the public domain, and the rest are temporarily blocked and to open them you need to pay money, or, honestly, go through all the previous levels. Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Each block contains a set of levels disguised as paintings 🙂 Paint it Back - paint again [Free] As you probably guessed, Paint it Back belongs to the category of puzzles, and therefore in order to re-paint a picture you will have to show not artistic, but rather mental abilities. Paint it Back - paint again [Free] The main thing in restoring the picture is to guess what exactly is encrypted on a particular canvas. Before you is a large canvas with black and white squares that need to be filled in, and in the upper left corner there is a small color analogue, thanks to which you should guess what needs to be depicted. Of course, the first levels are not fraught with anything complicated and the canvas is small, and the image is not complicated, but it is worth going a little further, and away we go … Paint it Back - paint again [Free] Frankly, at first glance it seems that the Paint it Back toy is boring and more suitable for children, but believe me, you will like it! 🙂 VIDEO

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