Panda Sweet – fun for the child all day [Free]

Panda Sweet - fun for the child all day [Free] The first thing that caught my eye was the number of languages ​​spoken by the game. There are nine of them. At first, let it be Russian, and a little later I will switch to English, you need to learn. The interface is pretty nice: gentle colors, running background, funny music. There are instructions on how to play here. Although it is not necessary to read it, the same information will be displayed during the game itself. Panda Sweet - fun for the child all day [Free] Before the start of the game, a small cartoon of several slides is shown. Based on the game, their sweets were stolen from the panda family, after which Daddy Panda goes in search of goodies for his children. This is how the panda's adventure begins, in which your little miracle will take part. The game has six levels, each of which has five levels. After passing one, the next one immediately opens. For a good passage they give flowers, just like the stars in Angry Birds. Panda Sweet - fun for the child all day [Free] The game is quite simple, as it does not require anything from the child except attention. A panda is running along the path (automatically, you don't need to press anything). His job is to pick strawberries. At times, strawberries weigh high. To get it you need to jump by simply pressing your finger at any point once. On the way, you will meet monsters that you need to jump over or just growl at them, from which they will not take strawberries from you. Additional interest is sugar cane, which can cause the panda to gain weight and stop jumping. Only the mushroom saves, so they need to be collected and protected. With each level, the game becomes more intense and quick, but it will not be difficult for a child. Panda Sweet is not a big problem for a child – it is interesting and funny to play the game, the main thing, as I said, is to be attentive. Otherwise, all the strawberries will be taken away from the panda. Personally, I got tired of it after three levels of the game (whatever one may say, there is nothing interesting here for a person of my age), but my sister, who is 5 years old, plays with pleasure. Install from AppStore

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