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Paper - news reader from Facebook [Free] There have been rumors on the world wide web for a long time that Facebook is going to release a news application of its own production. And just recently, the official representatives of the eminent social. the networks have confirmed this information. The first time we launch Paper, we watch a very short promotional video that reveals the sources of inspiration for the developers. When you start using the application itself, you immediately see the similarities with the very famous Flipboard magazine. The basis of the Paper interface is sections, the first of which is user-defined, followed by sections on various news topics, from technology to animal life. Paper - news reader from Facebook [Free] It is very convenient to read, since it is very easy and fast to move between the sections, just leaf through them to the right and left, also translucency reigns everywhere here, which has a very positive effect on the user's feelings. By clicking on one of the sections, we are transferred to full-screen mode, if there are few inscriptions on the card, then the font becomes bold, which helps to see better. Paper - news reader from Facebook [Free] Another nice feature of Paper is the ability to rotate pictures, that is, we rotate the smartphone and look at the picture, it looks like a panorama – a very nice feature. The entire application is filled with such seemingly insignificant details that you just have to put Like by pressing the raised finger up, and at this time a very pleasant sound sounds, notifying you of the action. This whole social networking holiday is accompanied by beautiful, readable fonts, one of which is Helvetica Neue UltraLight. Paper - news reader from Facebook [Free] Summing up, I want to say that the application has a great future, it is possible that Paper will show the whole world how to make a high-quality news application. Paper is still available only in the American AppStore, we just have to hope and wait for its appearance in our store, which will be relevant for Russian-speaking users Facebook.

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