Pedometer PRO GPS +

Sometimes it is necessary to calculate the distance from point A to point B, say, from home to garage, or to school. This helps you arrive at your destination on time. And those who go in for sports count the steps in order to deduce the path that they have walked or run. However, if the path is large, the number of steps can be quite long. It turns out that everything can be simplified to impossibility by installing on your favorite iPhone a convenient application that measures steps. This program is called Pedometer PRO GPS +. This application mainly uses the accelerometer function, reacts to changes in body position, and very accurately calculates the number of steps taken. In addition to steps, the program shows the distance traveled, the pace at which a person is walking, speed and even the number of calories burned. Works with or without a GPS receiver! Although with a GPS navigator, maximum accuracy in calculations is achieved. Especially inveterate athletes will be pleasantly surprised by the function of storing the history with the data recorded during walking or running. This is not just a pedometer, it is also an electronic mini-doctor that monitors your heart rate, pulse rate and state of health according to preset parameters, weather and the quality of the coverage you are walking on.

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