PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma

PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma Today, when it is not difficult to hack e-mail (for people with certain skills), concern for the privacy of personal correspondence is becoming more and more important. No one, like me, would like open mail to become the property of the public or even a narrow circle of people – we all have something to hide. Today we are talking about an application that encrypts your email message with a key of 1024, 2048 or 4096 bits in a few clicks. PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma The purpose of PGPTools is simple: to encrypt / decrypt a text message sent / received in a standard mail client at iPhone. The application works just as well: create a unique key (you need to fill in the fields 'Name', 'Email address', enter the password twice and select the key length), write a text message and select the generated key, and then click the 'Convert' button. A plain text message is converted into a unique character set, which is very difficult, if not impossible, to decipher. PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma The encrypted message is sent by email to the addressee. In order for him to be able to read your message, he also needs to send your encryption key. This is also very easy to do. PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma The application interface is available only in English, but thanks to the instructions (appears immediately after launching PGPTools), it is not difficult to figure out how it works. The type and purpose of the functional buttons is no different from the usual ones. PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma There are no settings in PGPTools, only 2 pages are available: the page for creating a message and the page for creating / managing encryption keys. If you received a message encrypted in PGPTools, copy it into the text field, specify the key with which it was encrypted (keys can be imported from an external file or text), and then in the 'Password' field enter the password you specified when creating encryption key. PGPTools will turn iPhone into Enigma I am not paranoid and not bound by government or corporate secrets, and I send emails in clear text. PGPTools is unnecessary for me, but it may come in handy someday, especially since the application costs only $ 0.99. If you work for a secret state enterprise or in a large international corporation and are bound by corporate secrets and use e-mail in your work, PGPTools will be extremely useful for you – it will save you from lawsuits in case of information leakage. Detailed information can be found on the developer's website

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