Phone Drive – for convenient file management

Phone Drive - for convenient file management iTunes is a very convenient tool for working with files on iPhone, however, to use it, you need to connect the device to your computer every time. Many people do not like this, and application developers could not help but pay attention to such a segment of users. File Manager Phone Drive is a program for iPhone that greatly simplifies the task of adding and managing various files on the device, allowing you to do everything via WiFi … Immediately after launching, we are greeted by an almost empty screen, on which there is only one file – 'Help'. As you may have guessed from the title, this is a Help Help that should help you get started with the application. Phone Drive - for convenient file management And it's good that it exists, since without it it would be difficult to figure it out. So, in order to connect from a computer to your iOS device, you need to turn on Wi-Fi on it, then press the sync button in the lower right corner to get the device's IP address. Three options will appear to choose from, at the moment we are interested in the first – Mac / PC File Transfer: Phone Drive - for convenient file management Almost instantly, an address will appear where you can connect from a computer to iPhone and a small instruction on how to do this. Actually, you just need to enter the specified IP into the address bar of the browser. Phone Drive - for convenient file management That's all, now you can work with your device in the same way as with a regular flash drive, with the only difference that all files are transferred via WiFi. To send the desired file – just drag and drop it here. And for the convenience of sorting, you can create separate folders. Various types of files and folders can be created on the device itself, which in some cases may be necessary. For example, folder, image, text and a number of others. Phone Drive - for convenient file management Phone Drive - for convenient file management Through in-app purchases, you can also unlock the ability to connect to cloud services. The list of supported ones is more than sufficient: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Box and Yandex.Disk. Phone Drive features enough for working with files for all occasions. This is the ability to read PDF, office documents, text editor, unpacking archives, password protection and even a built-in browser with the ability to download from third-party sites. If you are looking for an application that would allow you to conveniently work with files without having to connect your smartphone to your computer and sync with iTunes every time, check out Phone Drive. Its only drawback is the need to pay extra for unlocking cloud services, so everything works fine.

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