PhoneRescue – data recovery tool from iPhone

PhoneRescue - data recovery tool from iPhone

PhoneRescue is a utility that allows you not only to 'get' from memory iPhone and iPad a wide variety of data (contacts, messages, photos, media files, correspondence in instant messengers, etc.) ), but also restore some of the deleted information. In addition, the application also knows how to work with backups and can help in case of problems with the firmware. We have already reviewed this utility. But the developer claims to have completely redesigned the program. We'll see…

How to work with PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue - data recovery tool from iPhone

You can download the application on the official website:

PhoneRescue has a simple interface. The main application window is divided into four large sections:

  • data recovery from memory iPhone or iPad;
  • recovery from iTunes copy;
  • recovery from iCloud;
  • tools to solve firmware problems.

Depending on the section selected, users need to either connect their mobile device to their computer, select one of the iTunes backups available on their PC, or sign in to iCloud using Apple ID.

PhoneRescue - data recovery tool from iPhone

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At the same time, regardless of the selected section, the data transfer process is practically the same. First, users need to wait while PhoneRescue scans the backup or mobile device memory and categorizes the data found. Among them will be:

  • contacts;
  • call history;
  • messages and attachments to messages;
  • voice mail;
  • the calendar;
  • reminders;
  • notes;
  • Safari history and bookmarks;
  • photos;
  • application data;
  • data from instant messengers.

After the list of available data is generated, they can be saved in a separate folder on the computer or transferred from the memory of the connected device.

If the second option is selected, PhoneRescue will ask you to unlock the phone, and then transfer the data to iPhone or iPad. In the process, the device will automatically reboot.

Important! When transferring data to memory iPhone or iPad, the gadget cannot be disconnected from the computer. This can lead to problems with the firmware.

PhoneRescue - data recovery tool from iPhone

As for the section dedicated to tools for solving problems with firmware, it will come in handy:

  • if the device freezes on the screen with the logo Apple;
  • if you need to remove iPhone or iPad from recovery Mode;
  • if there are problems during the update installation.

How much does PhoneRescue cost

In fact, the only downside to PhoneRescue is its price. Despite the fact that on the official website everyone can download the application for free, you still have to pay a certain amount to activate all the features.

At the moment, developers are asking $ 49.99 for one copy of PhoneRescue – now the application is distributed at a fairly large discount. Typically, users will have to pay $ 69.99 for the utility.

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