Photo Power is almost Photoshop

Photo Power is almost Photoshop Photo Power is almost Photoshop Today about me an application called Photo Power from Xing Bi got to be reviewed. Why did I like it and what is so unusual about it that it can be distinguished from competitors? Let's figure it out together … A program from a little-known developer, a price tag of 99r., Support only iPhone, and a seemingly ordinary photo editor with filters. And you will be wrong! It's practically Photoshop for iPhone! More precisely, a competitor to the editor that recently appeared on the iPhone. Don't believe me? We launch and the application will immediately offer two options for working: take a photo or edit an existing one. Photo Power is almost Photoshop The workspace is quite comfortable, nothing gets in the way and at the same time everything is at hand. Everything is drawn beautifully and the interface is intuitive, there are hints for all actions, which is very cool. Photo Power is almost Photoshop The app has a ton of features, from simple color adjustments to almost half of Photoshop's filters. The choice is really great and this allows you not to limit your imagination and skill, because nothing fetters you. Photo Power is almost Photoshop For those who are not very versed in the intricacies and intricacies of photo processing, the developers have provided built-in filters. All of them already go into the cost of the application and you don't need to buy anything, which is a big plus. Photo Power is almost Photoshop What do we end up with? A fairly feature-rich application designed for users with different experiences. Price 99r. for a fully functional application that does not require any additional purchases in the face of filters, brushes and other things, it is quite good! My verdict is 9 out of 10, just because the developers bypassed iPad. But for iPhone – Photo Power is one of the best applications among competitors. Install from AppStore

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