Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free]

Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] Apple and Google are irreconcilable rivals in the development environment for operating systems for mobile devices, but this does not prevent companies from creating applications for a competitor's operating system that open up new opportunities for their owners. Photo Sphere Camera by Google Inc. clearly demonstrates the capabilities iPhone of creating circular panoramas, the result depends not so much on the hardware component, but on the required software. Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] Circular, or as they are also called 3D panoramas, is a new trend in modern photography. Looking at such a photo, you seem to be inside the depicted scene, the effect of presence is very powerful. In order to create such a picture, one camera iPhone is not enough, you also need the right software. It is with this software that the company Google came to iOS, welcome – Photo Sphere Camera! Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] The first purpose of this application is to create 3D panoramas. The second is to view other people's works with reference to the map. I will say right away, judging by the results from professional photographers available inside the application, the application does its job just fine. I didn’t manage to do that, first of all because I don’t have the necessary landscape (I rented a study) and the necessary skills. Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] In order to get a circular panorama, you need to take a series of consecutive shots. In what position iPhone and in which direction to shoot the Photo Sphere Camera will tell you. Set iPhone to its original position (the orange mark should fit into the “sight”), the shutter will be released automatically. Then turn the device in the desired direction (indicated by the same labels) and so on until the status line is filled (shown in the center below). Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] As soon as all the pictures necessary for gluing are taken, the application will start working. It took about 1 minute to glue my office together and cut off the excess, the result is decent. The internal space of the premises is glued together by the application very crookedly, I was unable to create a high-quality panorama without inconsistencies and unnecessary artifacts. But as users say on the application page in App Store, the Photo Sphere Camera glues landscapes perfectly, I will take my word for it. Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] In order for the application to work, you will need to provide access to the camera and geodata of your device. The latter is needed in order to link the resulting panorama to a point on the map. The decision about whether to share your work with others or not you make yourself, no data is automatically uploaded to the network. Once the picture is ready, click “Select”, select the desired photo and tap on the “Upload” icon. The panorama will be uploaded to your profile at Google +. Photo Sphere Camera: 360-degree panorama community [Free] If you are taking a panorama for the first time, it will not be superfluous to take a short training course, it is available after the first launch, as well as in the application menu. On the main screen, tap on the inscription “Around the world”, move the map away and panoramas from other users will appear in the application. Of course, Photo Sphere Camera will find its fans, because there are many creative people in the world who do not hesitate to share their work, and for free. Personally, I really liked it for its simplicity, quality and speed of work, as well as its unique functionality. It is distributed in App Store for free, does not carry advertising and other methods of monetization, rated by users at 4 full stars.

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