Photographing lightning on your phone

'I love the storm in early May,
When the spring, the first thunder,
as if frolicking and playing,
Thunders in the blue sky. '

F. Tyutchev

Now, although it is not May, the very warm season is coming, which undoubtedly cannot but rejoice, and with it picturesque thunderstorms! The application, which will be discussed later, will allow you to capture the very milliseconds on your phone when we flash lightning in the sky and allow you to boast of a great picture.

Photographing lightning on your phone

Lightning in the Lens of the Lightning Cam

With the LightningCam application, you can take truly unique photos from your iPhone, because not everyone can boast of real lightning photos.

The essence of the application is quite simple. The main function is to automatically capture lightning. Next, I will tell you about the application in a little more detail.

How to use the app

At first glance, the interface is quite old-fashioned, but at the same time the application has been recently updated and has been optimized for new ones iPhone. By the way, support for new ones iPad is also available.

  1. To start shooting, we are invited to go through small settings to indicate the optimal photos in the climatic conditions surrounding us.
  2. We choose light now or it is night outside.
  3. How far from us is the storm front. We shoot the lightning or the dangerously close lightning strikes.
  4. Next, we set the setting to save photos in the quality we need.
  5. Once the camera is focused, click Yes.

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The program is now ready to start shooting. Of course, you could select the Assistant key from the very beginning and then you would not have to make manual settings, but for sure the developer left manual input for a reason.

Once you're done, using a tripod is ideal to avoid shaking your hands. But I photographed without him and the quality suited me.

As soon as a flash of lightning occurs in the sky, the sensor in the camera will instantly react to this and take a photo of the lightning itself.

In my opinion, such functionality for a photo application is quite unique and you can certainly spend money on this application. By the way, for those who want to try everything themselves, there is a free version. Of course, you will not use it every day, but on warm spring-autumn days it is quite possible to take excellent photos of the amazing phenomenon of a thunderstorm.

Below are a couple of examples of photos taken at iPhone 5. It is worth considering that in modern phones the FPS value in the camera is much higher and, accordingly, the capabilities and quality of shooting are much better.

Photographing lightning on your phone

[iLightningCam pro – Lightning Strike Photography, Florian Stiassny]

[iLightningCam Lite – Lightning Strike Photography, Florian Stiassny]

Photographing lightning on your phone

Photographing lightning on your phone

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