Photosynth – 3D Panoramas [Free]

Photosynth - 3D Panoramas [Free] Are you in a place of amazing beauty and want to capture it in all its splendor? But the photo will not fit all at once, the video is too cumbersome … Photosynth application comes in handy here. It allows you to create dynamic panoramas. The result is not just a few photos glued into one, but a full-fledged three-dimensional model that can be rotated to look at the object from different angles. An excellent solution for shooting landscapes, rooms, interiors: dynamic panoramas, in contrast to flat photographs, create the effect of presence, and in comparison with video, they have more interactivity. How to work with Photosynth? Nothing fancy, just a little patience and a steady hand. Aim the lens iPhone at the subject and press 'Start'. A green frame on the screen will indicate the first captured area. Then smoothly move the lens sideways, up or down, making sure that the green rectangle does not disappear. A sound signal will tell you that the program is ready to capture the next part of the panorama – here you need to pause for a second, wait for the “shutter” to click, and then move the lens further. Photosynth - 3D Panoramas [Free] So, gradually, you can form a full 360-degree panorama – everything around you, above your head and under your feet. If a red rectangle appears on the screen during photographing, it means Photosynth is a little 'lost' in space; move the lens closer to the last frame so that the program continues to create a coherent image. The smaller the movements from frame to frame and the less the position iPhone changes in space, the better the result will be – without seams and deformations. After shooting, you will have to wait a bit until the panorama is formed. But the finished picture can be viewed from different angles, rotating as you like – a full detailed review! Created panoramas can be posted on Facebook, Bing maps, sent by mail or simply saved in the photo gallery, but at the same time they are converted into a flat, non-dynamic picture. And to share a full-fledged, three-dimensional version of a photo, upload it directly from the application to – then the dynamic format will be preserved. Photosynth - 3D Panoramas [Free]Photosynth - 3D Panoramas [Free] Photosynth will install on all iPhone after 3gs, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th generation with firmware above 4.0. Install from AppStore

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