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PicsCover - photos just for your own [Free] We are used to posting and storing our photos on public social networks. But how can you secure them and keep your data private? The PicsCover app allows you to limit the range of people who can see your pictures posted in Facebook or Twitter. This is done using a QR code that covers the photo. So, let's start publishing secret photos. On the first page of the application, click the camera icon to either take a new one or select from the photo gallery a picture that you want to show through Twitter or Facebook only to selected users. PicsCover - photos just for your own [Free] PicsCover - photos just for your own [Free] PicsCover - photos just for your own [Free] In the next window, click Change to customize the display of the photo on the blog. With a QR code, you can cover all or part of the image, you can choose a background for the QR code. Once you have made your choice, click Post This covered image. If necessary, add a comment to the published photo and select the social network for posting. Now you can select people who will be able to see full versions of photos, and not closed code. To do this, click on the item My Followers and enter the email of your friends in Facebook or followers in Twitter. They will receive an email with a link, by clicking on which they will be able to continue to see your photos posted through PicsCover in an unclassified form. True, for this they will either have to install the PicsCover extention add-on on their browser, and so far it works only on Google Chrom, or install the PicsCover application on their Iphone or Ipad and read the Twitter feed and Facebook news through it. Another way to see classified images is to add the UnCover Pics bookmark button to your browser – it works on all web browsers. How to do this is detailed in the PicsCover app help. You can view all the images that you have uploaded under the security code in the main menu of the application, item My Pics. PicsCover can be used by owners of iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4s, iPad and iPods of 3rd and 4th generations, with firmware version 4.3 or higher. the app is free and weighs only 1 megabyte. Install from AppStore

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